About Us

We are a Melbourne based IT Solutions company that provide many types of IT services to suit small to medium businesses and general users with everyday needs. With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, our engineers are qualified and certified in working with Cisco, Microsoft & VMware products. We constantly strive to improve by keeping up to date with industry standards. We provide a simple, easy to understand and affordable approach when it comes to things IT. We strive to provide the best support no matter where you are. If it's by phone, onsite or remotely, CM IT Solutions will be there to help. CM IT Solutions are here to make IT fun and less daunting, by making it a more user friendly experience. We are about more than just IT Solutions we are about delivering business value and enabling processes that improve productivity. We take our commitment to our clients seriously by getting to know the industry with a client focus. Be a part of something unique, modern and professional, with CM IT Solutions.

CM IT Solutions
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