CCTV IP & Digital

Security cameras are vastly becoming more popular each day to enable a safer environment for all. Cameras are also becoming a legal requirement in many areas such as hospitality. Retail is a market that has accepted surveillance as a necessity, whether it be for loss prevention or the ever increasing risks of public liability. Schools, body corporate and car parks are also using CCTV for loss prevention as well as the safety for all.

  • Up to Date with all security technology
  • Utilizing PoE and IP systems in conjunction with our extensive networking knowledge to provide a complete solution
  • Big brands such as Bosch, Panasonic, Swann and Dahua
  • Able to cater all needs - Home or Business

What we can do

Here are a few things we can offer to ensure you have the best solution to protect your home, business or loved ones.

Ongoing support and advice

We are to provide the best solution and support. By making sure we can cater for future works (future proofing) such as expansion or the need for more camera’s, our methodology and fact finding help us, help you.

Full HD, Day & Night, Weatherproof Cameras

We make sure the cameras supplied are of high quality. H.264, 3-4MP Cameras are used to ensure encoding and recording is at the highest quality.

Instant Alerts & Motion Detection

Instant emails to a dedicated email as soon as movement is recorded can be setup for after hour monitoring to ensure your business and valuables are always protected.

USB Playback & Local Storage

Having the ability to store recordings onto a USB disk, Network disk and utilizing the Local storage on the Recorder to hold up to 30 days of recording.

Android & iOS Viewing

Ability to view live stream footage of cameras, anywhere, anytime! Zoom in, PTZ Scan or playback recordings on your mobile device.

IP PoE Camera & Digital Cameras

We can supply and work with new age IP PoE Cameras (Power Over Ethernet) which does not need power supplied to the cameras, or the traditional Coax Digital.

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