CM ITS offers expert consultancy services in areas such as network performance and optimisation, network implementation and migration planning. We work with many various networks from Unified networks which consolidates voice and data networks enabling you to connect and communicate in a manner that creates business agility while driving down costs and reducing risk. LAN and WAN communication is now about linking multiple offices and communities (suppliers, vendors, clients, and partners) with voice, video and data. Wireless LAN technologies enable you to access mission-critical information and applications, no matter where you are located. CM ITS has the experience necessary in LAN and WAN wireless technologies to ensure design and delivery of secure, reliable wireless services that give maximum performance and throughput. Our VPN Strategies between sites enable your businesses to communicate and work as one community. Able to access critical information over a private link is crucial when protecting sensitive data or attending to urgent matters. Our networking strategies will help improve business continuity and mobility whilst keeping performance. Our Proactive Monitoring service will also help in network monitoring to ensure your business’ uptime.

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