Storage & Disaster Recovery

For effective disaster recovery (DR), data storage managers must know the key elements of a DR plan and how to effectively leverage storage technologies to execute them. CM ITS Disaster Recovery solutions meets the business continuity and disaster recovery requirements to ensure business risk is reduced but also increasing compliance and reducing costs (reduces significant investment in physical hardware and services). We support Physical, Virtual and cloud Disaster Recovery solutions to ensure your environment is either replicated to an offsite location (Physical), or hosted on a cloud service (Virtual Machine) for easy and a timely recovery process. CM ITS can deliver and simplify backups and recovery of data using various Storage technologies such as SAN, NAS and cloud storage, to ensure your data is protected, highly available and also, better prepared for disaster recovery. We ensure all storage and disaster recovery solutions are fully managed and tested on a regular basis to ensure your business is in safe hands.

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A few things to consider:

  • It is not only important to have an offsite backup in place in case onsite data is destroyed, but it is crucial to check offsite backups on a regular basis to be certain that it remains viable.
  • Don’t be a statistic, there are numerous cases in which businesses who thought were doing everything they needed to do, but when an event required them to restore data, it was discovered that the backup set was incomplete, compromised or corrupted.
  • Calculate the steps, time and costs involved to rebuild your server, infrastructure and recover all data if you had to.  This shows the importance and value towards Disaster Recovery, Storage and backup solutions.
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